About Family Eye Care and Dry Eye Treatment Center

Family Eye Care and Dry Eye Treatment Center was established to provide patients of all ages with the services they need for excellent eye health. Whether you're in need of new eyeglasses, would like to be fitted with contact lenses, or just need a vision check up; we can help!

Our doctor makes himself available to every patient should they have any questions about their treatment or our products. He continues to keep up to date on any changes occurring in the world of optometry, in order to provide the best vision care possible.

Meet Our Doctor

Doctor Terry Hendrickson

Optometrist Columbia, TN │ Eye Care │ Family Eye Care and Dry Eye Treatment Center

Dr. Hendrickson is originally from Kansas, having graduated from Emporia State University with a degree in Biology in 1977. Desiring to study Optometry, he then began his study at Southern College of Optometry in Memphis where he graduated in 1981. Dr. Hendrickson has been trained in anterior and posterior pathology, including corneal care, lacrimal dysfunction, cataracts, and glaucoma. He also has been certified for diagnostic and therapeutic eye care in pre and post op care for Lasik surgery.

Dr. Hendrickson served on the Tennessee State Board of Optometry for five years and presided as president. He is currently serving on the Tennessee Association of Optometric Physicians, Board of Trustees. He has been reconized in Columbia for his relentless commitment to community service. Dr. Hendrickson is married, has two children, and has served as an elder at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia.